Our Story

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Who Is Tovla Jr?

My name is Tova and I'm the creator of Tovla Jr. I'm also a busy mother of five energetic, fun-loving kiddos!

The Problem All Parents Face

Keeping your kids entertained in a meaningful way is not easy. While doing homework with my older kids, I found myself using screen-time as my babysitter. Feeling guilty and unproductive, I came up with an idea turned this challenge into an awesome leaning opportunity.

The Simple & Fun Solution
Chopping veggies, preparing after-school snacks, and school lunch prep – those might sound like time-consuming chores for us, but they are extremely exciting and empowering activities for your little helpers!
Having my children help me around the kitchen was a life-saver on many levels. While I was busy in the evening, my kids spent their time preparing dinner and their snacks for the next day. I noticed my kids felt more confident by completing chores and they were entertained and engaged for hours.
Happy Little Chefs Rejoice!

At the time, there weren't a lot of great options, so I had to improvise with kitchen tools to make sure that my kids were safe. That's when I decided to create a whole collection of kid-safe kitchen tools and accessories that would help ALL aspiring little Master Chefs help their parents in the kitchen without risking any accidents!

It’s the Ultimate Win-Win!

Your kids will be able to contribute to your household, gain confidence, and develop essential skills while you get to spend quality time with your little ones!

About Tovla Jr. Cookware

As parents, we always want what's best for our kids – so when I set out to create a line of kid-friendly cookware, I knew they would have to meet the standards of discerning parents like myself.

Our products are:

✅ Certified food safe

✅ Top-rack dishwasher safe

✅ BPA-free, non-toxic plastic

Most importantly – they're strong and durable enough to prepare and cook real meals, but still safe for children to use without worrying about them cutting themselves!