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What Can Your Child Do in the Kitchen?

What Can Your Child Do in the Kitchen?


Looking for a great family bonding activity? One idea is to get your kids started in the kitchen! Cooking and baking can be a fun pastime for people of all ages, but parents usually have some concerns: what should you let them do? How do you make sure they don’t break anything (or themselves!)? Here’s what you need to know about how to get kids started in the kitchen!

Under 3 Years

One easy way of how to get kids started in the kitchen, especially when they’re this young, is to just have them hang out with you when you’re cooking. Having your kids in the kitchen while cooking can inspire curiosity. From a very young age, toddlers can help by bringing you items that you need, like a bowl or a spoon. This is a good learning activity and a way for them to help you out!

3-5 Years

At this age, your child is gaining quite a bit of independence. Asking them to go and grab something for you while you cook is a great step for getting kids in the kitchen, but with this age group you can typically take things just a little farther. You can introduce them to kid safe knives and have them cut fruit and veggies. You can also have them help you pour in pre-measured ingredients, mix up recipes in a bowl, or even try out measuring things themselves. To help, you can purchase kid-friendly tools to have them use when helping out.

6-10 Years

At this age, kids can actually get pretty good at cooking or baking! Safely teaching this age group how to boil water or microwave food is a great way to get them involved with cooking independently. Having them help you measure and even cut ingredients is another great opportunity to get this age group involved in cooking. Of course, you know your child best –so if they aren’t ready to make a step to something like using a knife, then take your time!

10-13 Years

The tween years are difficult for many reasons, and one way to make things easier is to teach your child how to cook for themselves. Around this age kids can start to be left home alone or left to their own devices for cooking. Teaching them how to cook simple meals like boxed pasta, soup, or other recipes is a great way to get them involved and teach them a fun new hobby!

14+ Years

Your teenage kids are a great asset to you in the kitchen. Work with your teenaged children on cooking full meals with you. They may even be able to cook entire (delicious!) meals with little to no supervision. Teaching kids independent cooking while also working alongside them is a great way to help prepare them for the future while also bonding together.

Involve Your Kid in the Kitchen

Involving your kid of any age with cooking and baking is a great way to teach independence and to provide some important family bonding time. The kitchen doesn’t have to be a space where they aren’t allowed – instead, involve them in the cooking process and make it a fun family space. For kid-safe products and kid cooking and baking ideas, check out Tovla Jr.!

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