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Training a Jr Gourmet: Spice Up Your Kids’ Free Time

Training a Jr Gourmet: Spice Up Your Kids’ Free Time

Imagine yourself in this scenario: You’re running back and forth between the cutting board on the counter and the pot of water on the stove that still hasn’t come to a boil. You’re racking your brain trying to remember whether the recipe called for two cloves of garlic or three and the oven timer has just started beeping. Meanwhile, your daughter is screaming from the living room that her brother is teasing her, and your son claims he’s bored because you told him his tablet time limit was up.


Sound familiar? It's a situation any mom can relate to. Kids seem to have twice as much energy as adults, and they're always in need of stimulation. However, they also need to eat, and it can be hard to find the balance between doing what you need to in the kitchen while also keeping young kids entertained.


Wouldn't it easier if you could keep the little ones busy in the kitchen with you?


Can Kids Really Help Out in the Kitchen?


Naturally, you can't expect your children to take on all the same tasks that you do, as you’ll want to prevent potential burns and cut fingers. Also, asking your child to do something too difficult for a beginner to handle will only make them feel like a failure. That's why we’ve narrowed it down a list of three jobs that perfectly suitable for tiny hands.


Job #1: Chopping Veggies


We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t using a knife one of the most dangerous aspects of working in a kitchen? Is it really safe to let a child handle a tool sharp enough to cut a carrot?


That’s why we’ve developed our collection of kid-friendly kitchen knives! Our knives are made from a nylon material, so there are no injury risks, even if your child has a serious case of the butterfingers. The serrated edges slice through veggies with no problem, making a salad or stir-fry preparation easy-peasy for all ages!


Chopping veggies is a uniquely rewarding task because kids can easily see the items they sliced up in the final dish. Even tots who usually turn up their noses at turnips are more likely to sample and enjoy a meal that they brought to life themselves!


Job #2: Measuring Ingredients


Asking your child, “How much butter should we use if we double this cookie recipe?” can be a fun puzzle to solve and rewards them with sweet treats, too! Having your kids measure ingredients is a great way to help them learn without even realizing they’re studying!


Job #3: Mixing Ingredients


Just about every child loves messy, gooey things, hence the popularity of slime. Why not channel that inner desire for muck and mud into something constructive? Stirring up a pot of soup or a bowl of cake batter can make a kid feel like a witch or a mad scientist. If their hands get a little dirty in the process, it's just an additional lesson on the importance of cleaning up!


Raising a Master Chef


Ready to start your child on the path of a culinary genius? Please take a look at the recipes on our blog for inspiration. Better yet, download The Tovla Jr. Simply Savvy Kids Cookbook for free. This manual is a must-have for any mom looking for simple, yummy meals that appeal to kids’ taste buds!


With the help of Tovla Jr., you can keep your children entertained in the kitchen. Once they've mastered their meal prep roles, you can trust them to stay busy while you focus on the other more grown-up aspects of cooking.

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