Are Cooking Challenges Good for Kids?

The Benefits of Entering Your Kids into a Cooking Challenge

It’s never too early to cultivate a love of cooking in your child and a cooking challenge is a great place to start! While they may or may not want to be the next Rachel Ray, there are so many benefits to entering your kids in a cooking challenge.

We see shows on TV like MasterChef Junior and Food Network Star Kids and think how complicated and challenging their creations are. The truth is—it’s not difficult to take an apple and arrange it into a fun and creative design! Using simple supplies, kids can engage in something meaningful and productive. There’s no fancy activity needed to get them engaged.

The creativity that your child already has is something you want to encourage. A fun food challenge is a great way to get their minds working towards a goal and get excited about getting involved.

A little healthy competition goes a long way. Competition is what sparks motivation and it’s okay not to win every time. Seeing their entry posted is something to be proud of, and if they don’t win this time—it’ll inspire them to want to work harder and do better the next round!

The benefits to entering your kids in a cooking challenge are endless, and it’s a win/win for the parents too. This is an incredible activity to keep your kids occupied and entertained, while also spending quality time with them. Show your kids that they can help in the kitchen by turning building life skills into having fun! You’ll feel great helping them feel great—all with some parental supervision and the click of a camera phone button.