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8 Age-Appropriate Chores for Toddlers and Preschoolers

8 Age-Appropriate Chores for Toddlers and Preschoolers

age appropriate chores for kids

While some parents may think their toddlers and preschoolers are too young for chores, there are some great chores for toddlers which can help to train your child for their later years. Today we’re going to discover eight of the best toddler chores by age, which you can introduce into your little one’s routine during their early years. You’ll soon find that they enjoy helping you around the home and will keep up this good work as they progress further in life.

1. Packing Toys Away in a Bin

One of the first things you can teach your little one as far as chores for preschoolers is the importance of tidying up and packing away their toys. We all know how much toddlers love to play, and at the end of a play session, they need to make sure they return your living space to its previous state. Invest in a few big toy bins for your child, which they can put all of their toys in when they are done for the day. This is one of the easiest toddler chores by age, and the sooner you start teaching them this important skill, the more organized they’ll be as they grow up.

2. Helping in the Kitchen

Our team is passionate about introducing children to the kitchen at a very young age. While you may think there are no chores for toddlers in the kitchen, that’s not true at all. You can ask them to set the table or encourage them to whisk a bowl with their kid-friendly kitchen tools. Just make sure you have the right equipment on hand for their small hands so that you don’t risk an injury while introducing them to cooking and the kitchen.

3. Watering Flowers

Chores for preschoolers can also involve spending time outdoors, which will help to encourage your child to reduce their time in front of screens. Watering flowers is a fun way to teach your child about working in the kitchen, and they’ll love stomping around in the mud or grass. Invest in a child-friendly watering can so that it’s not too heavy for their little arms. You can also encourage them to pick up leaves while they are outside, which is a fun game to play in the fall months.

4. Feeding Pets

Toddler chores by age will depend on your unique home setup, but if you are pet owners, you’ll want to get your little ones involved in their care as soon as possible. Your toddler no doubt loves interacting with your cat or dog, and they’ll be happy to help feed them. Show your toddler what their pets need to eat, and encourage them to put their food in a bowl. This will show them the importance of looking after your furry friends so that they can help with other chores in the future too.

5. Tidy Away Paper

If coloring is one of your child’s favorite hobbies, then they need to learn how to tidy up paper after their coloring session. We all know how many adults struggle to keep their desks clean, but this is a good training exercise for later on in life. By tidying away the paper that’s on the floor and stacking it up neatly, you’ll find that your home is much tidier as well. Make sure you give them a tray or box where they can put all of their supplies so that it’s easy to find everything again tomorrow.

6. Wiping the Table

As you are looking to add new chores for preschoolers into their routine, add wiping the table into the mix. This doesn’t need to involve any chemicals or cleaning supplies, and just a damp cloth will do the job. After each meal, they can be in charge of cleaning the table, ready for your next family meal together. This is a simple but fun task for most toddlers, who can start helping with this around the age of two or three. If they have their own play table, you can also repeat this here, ready for another day of fun and games.

7. Sweeping the Floor

You can invest in child-friendly mops and brushes so that your child can help you to keep your floors clean and tidy. When they have been doing crafts all afternoon, you’ll want to make sure you sweep up any dirt or debris, ready for more fun. Little and often is the key to success with toddler chores by age so that they build good routines when it comes to helping out around the home. When they see their mom or dad doing this task, they will likely want to join in, so lead by example, so they copy what you are doing.

8. Dusting

Another of the best chores for preschoolers that your child can help with is dusting. Of course, be careful that they don’t get too close to a very dusty area, as this could cause damage to their health. At a younger age, this is more about teaching them what dusting is and how to use a duster. Most kids will find dusters very funny to look at, so they’ll love walking around with one and brushing the shelves. When they are older, you’ll find their bedroom is less messy and dusty, which is something any parent will appreciate.

These chores for preschoolers and toddlers are all very easy to introduce into your child’s routine. The sooner you start adding one or two chores a day, the more likely that they will be cooperative in the future when you ask them to help around the home. Most children find all of these chores to be quite fun, and they’ll feel so grown up helping you out. Make sure you equip your child with the right tools and supplies they need, keeping in mind that most of your cleaning supplies will be far too large or heavy for their little hands. From there, you’ll be ready to start having fun cleaning your home together, introducing good habits that will stay with your child throughout their life.

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