Who Is Tovla Jr?

My name is Tova and I'm the creator of Tovla Jr.. I am also a hard working mother of five energetic and fun loving kiddos.


Keeping your kids entertained in a meaningful way is not easy. while doing homework with my older kids , I found myself using screen-time as my babysitter. Feeling guilty and unproductive, I came up with an idea that was able to change this challenge in to an awesome leaning opportunity.

The Simple & Fun Solution.

Veggie prep and cutting, post-school snacks, school lunch prep. Those might sound like time consuming chores for an adult but they are extremely exciting and empowering for your little helpers! While I was busy in the evening time , my kids spent their time  preparing dinner and their snacks for the next day. Having my children help me around the kitchen was a life-saver on many levels. My kids are able to feel more confident by completing chores and I can keep them entertained, occupied, and engaged for hours.

Happy Little Chefs, Rejoice!

I had to improvise when it came to kitchen tools to make sure that my kids were safe. That is when I decided to create a whole collection of kid-safe kitchen tools and accessories that would help all aspiring little Master Chefs help their parents in the kitchen without risking any accidents.​​

It’s the Ultimate Win-Win!

Your kids will be able to contribute to your household, gain confidence, and develop essential skills while you get to spend quality time with your little ones!